Dear Parents and children,

Welcome to groups at Trendlewood this morning. Hope that you all have fun. We are looking at the parable of the lost coin:

Luke 15.8-10

First game is a treasure hunt. For this you will need, paper, envelopes and a prize (maybe sweets to share).

Make up a set of clues which lead on to the next clue and end up at the prize.

To start with either parents could do this for the children and then children for their parents. Have fun.


Second game

Give each child a newspaper, some pegs, 2 toilet roll /paper towel inners, scissors and string and see what thy can make. Encourage them to keep going even if it doesn’t work the first time.


Now read the parable of the lost coin.

Let the children tell you what they think this means. Talk about the time where things have been lost and what lengths you or they have gone to find them.

This is how Jesus feels about us and how he rejoices when we turn to him.


Prayer time

Use coins to pray with. Have ten coins in a box and take it in turns to take one out and pray.

We often say: would you like to pray out loud, pray in your head or pray in groups, which works well.

Just remind them to say ‘Amen’ if they want to pray in their head.

My Mum told me this afternoon that she had heard that rather than sing happy birthday when washing our hands we should say the Lord’s Prayer twice.

Enjoy your time together,

Love Ruth

PS For those who were there last Sunday, how is the hair growing ?