The members of the church learned this news in a letter form the Church Wardens yesterday:

Trendlewood Church has had many chapters on its journey over the last three plus decades, with many families joining us and then following their calling, either into ministry or the development of other opportunities. Most recently, the planting of Andy’s. Another chapter is about to end and a new one will begin.  After over a decade as our vicar, Steve has announced his retirement will be in early 2022, and will announce the date later this year.

Steve spends part of his time at Trendlewood and part with what was known as Nailsea Local Ministry Group.  We have often benefitted from Steve’s additional activities from the other role, such as Café Create and the inception of Andy’s.  Unfortunately, due to Diocesan funding constraints, the second part of his role will end when Steve retires.

It has become clear to the Church Council, through discussion with the diocese, that the number of vicars interested in part-time roles are few and far between.  This will really limit our options to bring in someone with a passion for mission and energy to expand and grow our church.

The Deanery Mission and Pastoral Group has approved the idea for Wraxall with Failand to share a vicar with Trendlewood.  Bishop Ruth and Archdeacon Adrian think this makes sense.  So, after many hours of conversation and prayer, our Church Council unanimously feel this represents an exciting opportunity for us and is the best option for Trendlewood. That is, to job-share a vicar.

This will allow us both to benefit from recruiting someone into a full-time post.  Someone who enjoys the challenges of different worship styles. There is no plan to merge the parishes and we remain a conventional district within the Holy Trinity parish.

This plan should also allow us to skip having a vacancy and allow a period of handover whilst the new vicar settles in, something exceedingly rare.

We appreciate this news is likely to come as a surprise, and it has taken most of the Church Council a little time to adjust to and reconcile.  We recognise many of you will need some further time to absorb this news and will have more questions as a result.  We, therefore, are arranging a Zoom meeting with Archdeacon Adrian and the Church Council to allow people to ask questions.   We expect this to be on the 14th of March and will let you know the details when we have them.

If anyone wants to ask a question please email us using the contact form on the home page.