Our Sunday Service is held at Golden Valley School at 10.15am. They are informal in style and are usually over by 11.30am. See below for what to expect (in no particular order).

Bible teaching is a key part of the service. We are blessed with a range of speakers who apply the truths of the Bible to our everyday lives. Click here for our latest sermons.

Everyone needs a good cup of coffee whenever possible. It forms the basis for conversation after the service and it’s all part of the welcome we want to provide.

Sung worship is another key part of our time together. We have a committed band who lead us every Sunday in singing a mix of contemporary and traditional songs.

Last Sunday is a local group that meets once a month outside the Sunday service. These groups are a great way for our youngsters to discover their place in God’s church family.

Other Services

All-Age services

During school holidays we enjoy church services with everyone in together participating and learning about God. Be prepared for something a little different at these services. A great one to invite friends and family to.

Baptism and Confirmation

We follow Church of England teaching on baptism. If you would like to bring a child for baptism (often known as ‘Christening’) do get in touch with us. We will talk through the necessary commitment with you.

If you prefer to allow your children to wait and make such a decision for themselves we offer ‘thanksgiving for the gift of a child’. This is a lovely opportunity to give thanks for a new baby and to receive prayer but with no promises or vows necessary.

For adults who were baptised as infants we will gladly prepare you for confirmation by a bishop (‘confirming’ the promises made on your behalf when you were too young to do so).

And of course, adult baptisms are always a joy as we celebrate someone coming to a new found faith in Jesus Christ.

Many of the questions raised are answered on an Alpha Course.

Email Morey Andrews


We are very happy to work with you as you get closer to your special day. As we meet in a school we cannot hold weddings there but we have a close relationship with Holy Trinity Church and borrow their church building. 

Their church office is the best place to start with your enquiry.

Email the office


Carol singing & Beers

6:00 pm — 7:00 pm
@ The Old Farmhouse

Christmas Carol Service

10:15 am — 11:30 am
@ Golden Valley School