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Good afternoon everyone,

We had a brilliant 30th birthday party on Saturday night. It was a great team effort with lots of people mucking in all day. If you will allow me I’d like to single out Mike and Sarah for the sheer amount of work they put into it on our behalf. You’re both very special people. Thanks.

Sarah herself says:

‘A big thank you to everyone who helped with our 30th birthday party on Saturday. It was great to have so many people working together to transform the hall and to do all the necessary preparation. Thanks to those who helped out during the event and with the clearing up afterwards, both on the night and the next day. It was lovely to have so many of you doing this and we were very thankful for this support. People were so appreciative of the event and all the work that had gone into it. So thank you!’

Sarah made an amazing cake in Trendlewood colours and on Sunday morning Lindsay (as a representative of several of the original members) cut it for us. See picture.image1.JPG


Anne and Jerry 

Anne and Mark 




Truro Road, St Austell Close

For all involved in preparations and hustings for our local elections.

Mission Partners

For the work of Joanna, CAP Debt Centre Manager and her various clients.

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer at the Vicarage next week is only on Wednesday and Thursday. Back to 9.00 a.m. too

Holy Week

Tomorrow is Maundy Thursday and we have a communion service at the school at 7.45 p.m. This service will include foot-washing so if you’d like to be included please dress appropriately. The tradition at this service, which we keep, is that it ends with a dismissal not a blessing and we leave in silence. There are no refreshments.

On Good Friday at 10.15 a.m. we have a short all-age service (45 mins) followed by coffee/tea/squash and hot cross buns. Some of us will leave promptly to get to the Precinct for the Christians Together Service at 11.30. Then we are back at school at 2.00 for a reflective hour at the cross. There will be a further hour of space for those who would like to continue to pray quietly.


Michelle and I lead our Easter Sunday all-age Communion service. First thing there is a sonrise service at the lake for those who like that sort of thing (you will guess from my tone that I don’t).

Annual Church Meeting 28/4

We will have two vacancies for Church Council. Please prayerfully consider if you would be willing to stand for election and, if so, fill out one of the nomination forms available in church. Our two Church Wardens Simon and Trevor are both happy to stand again but we need to consider our plans for their succession. To this end we intend to create a post of deputy warden to shadow them for a year, learn the job and take occasional responsibility, with a view to taking over the role. Of course, we would be delighted if others wanted to stand and have the matter put to a vote.

Our meeting will take place after a shorter-than-usual Morning Service.

Social Lunches

The next Trendlewood Social event is ‘Lunches in Homes’ on Sunday 5th May. This is an opportunity to gather with a few other people with everyone contributing food. Talk to Pauline for more details or email her. Sign up by Sunday 28th April.

Ladies’ Breakfast

The next one is on Saturday 11th May 8.30 – 10.30 at The Old Farmhouse. The speaker will be Sally Walters. Pauline has tickets @ £6 each.

CAP Debt Centre

Is there someone with a good financial head (not necessarily financially qualified) who might join the management group for Joanna at the Debt Centre? It involves two (daytime) meetings a year. They are usually at 9.30 a.m. so might suit someone who can occasionally work flexibly. The job of Trendlewood rep would be to hear news of what Joanna has been doing and to contribute to discussions about how the work might develop in the future. If interested, have a word with me.

Christian Surfers

Phil Williams has sent an invite to the 25th anniversary Christian Surfers UK National Gathering in Polzeath June 23-25. Click here to read it.

Job Vacancies

Another rep for our liaison with Christians Together

Another Duty Warden

Another laptop operator

I hope that walking the way of the cross is once again meaningful for you and that we can join together on Sunday morning saying ‘Christ is risen.’ Then we can concentrate on the next thirty years.

With love,