Attachments – (2) Celtic Saints, Inspire Evening

Good afternoon everyone,

This week’s PRAYER DIARY:

I think we should all be praying hard for the state our country is in right now. For the Spirit of the one who is Prince of Peace to bring peace in troubled times.


Helen, Matt, Ben and Sam 





Vynes Close, Oakhill Close and Wincanton Close

For all taking a break at half-term

Mission Partners

Mercy Ships and in particular for Ed and Ruth as they prepare to join.

Morning Prayer

Next week 9.00 a.m. Morning Prayer at the Vicarage is Monday to Thursday inclusive.

Wednesday Evening Prayer

This month’s Wednesday Evening Prayer with our Local Ministry Group colleagues is at Christ Church. Anyone is welcome. 5.30-6.00 pm.


A repeat from last week in case you missed it. We have a few members now who need, for occupational reasons, to be sure their family photographs will never appear on social media. We therefore need to make a new rule that we will not take photos of crowds or individuals at our public gatherings unless specifically invited to by a member of the clergy. Photos not including people are fine.

First Aid

Do you have First Aid training? Would you be happy for our Duty Warden to be aware of that Sunday by Sunday. Please identify yourself to Trevor.


We take a break from 1 Timothy for a couple of weeks to have two all-age services where we look at children, young people and the Bible. This week we look at Jesus in the Temple and his developing wisdom. It is not only the old who are wise, as Elihu said to Job. Steve and Pauline lead us. We will use a cafe church style with refreshments during the meeting and will also take an extra collection up for Ed and Ruth’s trip to Mercy Ships.

26/2 Deanery Synod and Inspire

The next Deanery Synod evening will be given over entirely to guests who know about youth and children’s work, especially about making better links with pre-school and school. So we are throwing it open to any who would like to come, not just Synod reps. Flier attached. It will be high quality, headed up by Diocesan guru Tony Cook.Inspire-Evening-Clevedon.pdf

28/2 Quiet Day

At the Vicarage. Tell Steve if you would like to come for a day’s peace, in good company with lunch provided.

5/3 Pancake Party

I think the record for most pancakes eaten at our annual party is still jointly held by Miles and Flynn. However it’s not a competition. You are all invited on Shrove Tuesday 5 – 9pm at Mike and Sarah’s. Please bring something to drink – pancakes provided. Please feel free to invite friends along. Stay for as long or as short a time as you like. We look forward to seeing you.

Lent Course

Do you like the idea of the Lent Course for home groups but not of going out on a cold, dark night? Michelle is happy to offer a daytime version of the Lent Course at her house. Have a word with her if this is of interest.

15/3 and 6/4 Cafe Create

In addition to our regular March cafe there will be a Cafe Create Presents gig from Vervain in Holy Trinity Church on Saturday April 6th. Tickets cost £8 and can be obtained through the web agency FIXR. It will be great.

30/3 Celtic Saints

I have heard of an interesting study day to be led by Revd Dr Howard Worsley of Trinity College, Bristol. it’s £15. It looks like it will be a great day to learn about the Celtic Saints. Attached is a poster with all the information about the day and how to register.1903 Bristol Study Day Poster.pdf

13/3 Birthday

Pauline is devising an invite we can send to former members for our 30th birthday bash. Could you tell her the names of people you plan to invite so no-one slips through the net. I have put a notice on the Holy Trinity news sheet for any former members who now worship there to ask to be invited.

Refugee Family

Elaine tells me enough clothes have now been collected. Thanks.

Prodigal Arts

This month’s newsletter is here.

Job Vacancies

Another rep for our liaison with Christians Together

Another Duty Warden

Another laptop operator

Social Media

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With love,