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Good afternoon. Hope you are keeping the balance of wet/dry cool/warm which being alive in England in August requires. Remember that a person with their feet in the freezer and their head on the stove is, on average, comfortable.




Nik, Lisa, Annabel, Elliott and Lotti


Avening Close, Birdlip Close

For those waiting on examination results.

Mission Partners

We pray for Prodigal Arts launching bespoke Christmas cards to benefit the charity. Visit their web-site to consider if you want to be involved.

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer at the Vicarage next week is Monday to Thursday inclusive.


On Sunday Steve leads an all-age service at Nailsea School. What should we ‘add to our faith’ next, from 2 Peter 1:5-7? Answer; self-control.

There will be lots of table activities this week so children should find something fun and informative. Does any one have the game ‘Operation’? Also one of those games where you move a ring along a wire without making it buzz. Lemeno.

We note that Nailsea School are in the Waitrose green token scheme this month. We are delighted to be at the school this month so, although there are some excellent choices, please consider giving them your support.

Placement Students

I am delighted that we have been allocated a couple of Trinity Students to spend two years with us on placement. Since their names are Sam and Dave older readers may like to consider if they should have their own theme song. Google it, everyone else.

Small Groups, Home Groups and Cell Groups

Whatever you call yours Liz and I would like to invite all members of small groups to a summer social at our house on Wednesday August 14th at 7.30. No hidden agenda or big meal. Just summer drinks and snacks and a chance to chat. No need to RSVP; just turn up.

Autumn Rota

It’s time to think about October – January. If you are on the rota for warden/welcome, reading, prayers, coffee, chalice, laptop or sound please let Sarah know your availability by Sunday 25th August.


If you lead or preach then please let Steve know your availability.

As always it would be great to hear from people who would like to join the rota. We still need someone to join the laptop team and you could shadow doing this initially. Also people happy to assist alongside our regular coffee makers. If you’re not sure about a task but would like to give something a go then please speak to Sarah Bird.

Job Vacancies

  • Another Duty or Church Warden to shadow the current team and step in next year.

  • We need someone to operate the laptop on 2nd Sundays. Could you learn to do this?

  • Children’s work co-ordinator.

  • Print buyer


Remember, we now offer a cake for any new neighbours, welcoming them on behalf of the church. Tell Liz if you are aware of newcomers to the area. Watch out for ‘sold’ signs and then ‘welcome to your new home’ cards on a window ledge. You don’t have to deliver the cake yourself (although you can if you want). The clergy do it as a dog collar eases the situation.

The Usual?

Finally a brain-teaser. Three logicians go into a bar. The barkeeper says ‘The usual?’ The first logician says ‘I don’t know’. The second says ‘I don’t know.’ What answer can we be sure the third will not give?

A) Yes

B) No

C) I don’t know

With love,