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Good afternoon everybody,

A few months ago I accepted an invitation to preach at Southfield Church on 24th May. It has always been annoying not to be able to be in two places at once and to miss my own church when preaching elsewhere. Guess what? Thanks to lock-down technology, I can be in two places at once. Now you can never escape me mwa ha ha…

Come on Mr Tilley, time for your medication.

Quick, to prayer.

Prayer Diary
Adam, Fiona, Mark and Toby

Tetbury Gardens and Sherston Close

Sarah and Austin (Austin’s Dad died)

We pray for the continued resilience of the volunteers in and around Nailsea, delivering food, hot meals and prescription medicines to the housebound and self-isolating.

Mission Partners
We pray for the Ayos, who would have been with us at the moment if it wasn’t for COVID19. We pray for safety in and around Morogoro and for health and social care in the the village.

Morning Prayer
9.00 a.m. Morning Prayer at home. Join in by Zoom on Monday or Wednesday next week. Contact me for the joining code if you have not been before.

This week’s online materials will be available on Saturday. There will be an email with links and these will also appear on Facebook and Twitter. We have a church YouTube account now where all video material will be hosted.

Caroline will continue our series on Colossians looking at 1:24 – 2:5 ‘Struggling to present people perfect in Christ’.

After church we will have a time for chat together using Zoom! Last Sunday’s experiment of using break-out rooms so we could talk in smaller groups went well. We will repeat it. I will include the link in Saturday’s email.

Happy birthday this week to Derek (the enigmatic ‘Del Marmite’ on Facebook).

May I ask that nobody uses the Zoom record facility for these chats. It will present us with GDPR difficulties. Thank you.

Thy Kingdom Come
Fiona says:

Thy Kingdom Come is a global call to prayer between Ascension Day and Pentecost. Liz reminded me that Acts 1 tells us how the disciples dedicated themselves to prayer between Jesus going up to heaven and the day of Pentecost, so you might want to read it this week in preparation.

Between 21st and 31st May, as part of Thy Kingdom Come, would you pray each day for 5 people. The easiest way to do this is download the app – when it is ready – it gives you a structure for each day and you can set an alarm to remind you. Families with young children can opt for the Family Prayer app.

If that’s not going to work for you, contact Fiona and a paper prayer journal will be delivered to you. If you would like some bunting, 5 flags to string up as a visual reminder to pray, also email Fiona and we’ll get some to you.

Obviously, the current situation means we cannot meet physically to pray together. But we can commit as Trendlewood Church to a one hour prayer slot, 60 minutes praying at the same time but in our own homes. Hundreds of Churches across the country, across the world will be doing the same, so that there will be a mighty time of prayer covering every hour of every day across Thy Kingdom Come. Our hour slot will be Monday 25th May from 9-10am – it’s a Bank Holiday but early on so I hope it suits most people. Later that same day at 7pm there will be short Zoom prayer meeting led by Michelle and Liz to share how our daily prayer has been going, encourage one another and pray together.

Lastly, on Sunday 31st May there will be another Zoom chat at 7pm, led by Steve, to bring together our experiences and talk about what might come from this. How to join the ‘Zoom Room’ will follow.

The people at Thy Kingdom Come have had some logistical challenges to take this prayer event online so bear with them, especially if the app is not up and running just yet. Do follow them on Facebook or another social media channel to find inspiring and captivating stories about how prayers started during Thy Kingdom Come have grown and flourished.

Getting Back to Normal
Obviously that’s a trick heading. We will be learning things from our lock-down experience and it will change us. It does look as if gatherings the size of our church will not be allowed for another couple of months minimum and, of course, it is up to the school when they next allow letting of the building.

But when we do start to get back together what are the things we would like to keep from this experience? What have we learned? this is one of the things the Church Council will be chatting about when we meet next Monday. Do share your ideas with your reps.

General Job Vacancies

  • It would be great if some other people could learn the uploading skills to make our worship available online
  • When we start meeting again we will desperately need more help with the laptop. Could you learn to do this?
  • Children’s work co-ordinator and week-by-week helpers
  • A Home Group co-ordinator
  • Deanery Synod reps, Church Council reps, Church Council secretary from the Annual Meeting

Details of all these jobs available from wardens or clergy. Do have an informal chat. I hope, if you are without major responsibilities, you are finding things to occupy yourself these days. Equally and oppositely, if you are still working, or working from home surrounded by children, I hope you are finding some comfort in your Christian community. We’re in this separately and together.

Until Saturday.