Attachments – (2) Mental health guidance, Monthly notice sheet

Good afternoon everybody,

We are getting a bit settled into this new way of being church. It is all very strange but we are learning some habits that may well last. Who knew how little we needed to go out of the house for business meetings?

There is a lot to read in this email but I would commend it. Many people have contributed ideas, resources and advice. I’m grateful.

For those who like to print things off and put them on the wall I attach a monthly notice sheet for your collection. It’s a bit make-do-and-mend but it works.Church News Sheet – Exile Version.doc

Prayer Diary
Brian and Jennifer
David, Katie, George and Arthur

Truro Road, St Austell Close

John (Sharon’s Dad)
Ricky – now recovering at home

Mike and Barbara (Barbara’s Dad died)

For the members of our community who continue to work in vital occupations

Mission Partners
CAP Debt Centre – manager Joanna trying to support clients in different ways. Pray too for clients who have lost their incomes.

Morning Prayer
9.00 a.m. Morning Prayer at home. There is a useful app called Daily Prayer which you can download in order to follow the liturgy and readings, or you can find it on the Church of England web-site. Join in by Zoom on Mondays or Wednesdays most weeks. If you do not normally attend Morning Prayer and would like to, ask me to include you in the meeting invitation.

Each Saturday I will upload to the web-site links to two or three suggested songs, some prayers and topics for prayer, material for children and families and the text of a sermon to read. There will be links to any video material which will be on Facebook and Twitter.

I will leave up last week’s service as well so there will always be two weeks’ material up.

There will also be a short video available each week.

This week is Palm Sunday and our church’s birthday. Whilst it would have been an all-age service we have the opportunity to make children and adult resources available.

Sunday evening is our monthly Worship & Wait. Michelle will be hosting a time of soaking from her living room courtesy of Zoom. You are all warmly invited. Find a comfortable spot with a blanket and pillow where you can lie down and soak in the presence of the Lord uninterrupted. This is an ideal opportunity to wait on God and allow Him to minister to us as we adjust to a slower pace of life.

Ask Michelle for the invite link.

Future Services
We are thinking about the possibility of having some live-streamed material on a Sunday, or some discussion and catch up time by Zoom after we have all used the material individually, say at 11.30 a.m. Does anyone have a view on this?

Children and Young People
There is some new ‘Energize’ material on the Urban Saints web-site to access during this period when meetings are impossible. Hilary is able to send out a temporary log-in to anyone who would like to access the material.

Kirsty says:
I’m writing in my role as contact person between the community help group and the churches.

There have been several donations to the group recently. An idea has emerged to put craft materials from Baker Ross to provide to families who use the foodbank or others who are struggling to entertain their children at home at the moment.

I have been preparing lots of craft materials for our toddler group in readiness for the day we can open again!

It occurred to me that between the churches we probably have a lot of possible volunteers who might enjoy cutting out some crafts suitable for toddlers. If we did this then more of the donated money could be used to buy food which is still desperately needed by a lot of families in our community.

So I am proposing to you that I make a master sheet of ten toddler friendly crafts that can be e-mailed to volunteers. I can supply paper and card by posting it in an envelope with the instructions not to open for 72 hours so as not to infect the homes of the volunteers, and then the volunteers can contact me and leave the prepared materials on the doorstep and I will collect them and deliver them to 65 High Street, again with the instruction not to use them for 72 hours.

If you’re happy to be involved please contact Kirsty.

Worship Ideas
Brian reminds us that BBC1 Songs of Praise is very easily accessed on TV (could be a few people not on line). Currently at or around 1.10 pm every Sunday, or on various catch-up facilities.

Mental Health
I attach a sheet of guidance and advice from Sally Walters about keeping ourselves well during this difficult time. In her day job Sally is Advisor in Counselling and Wellbeing for the Diocese. We are fortunate to have her wisdom.Personal resource in troubled times – Trendlewood.docx

Ruth says:

It is a time where our children are spending more time using the internet. Please remember to ensure that the parental control settings are on and you also know who they are interacting with online.

I also thought it might be helpful to have a few contact numbers for safeguarding concerns, at this time when we are being isolated from each other.

If you are worried about others or have concerns about others safety please do make contact with agencies. Often you can have a no name conversation to seek advice before it is escalated.

North Somerset children’s social care 01275 888808
North Somerset adult social care 01275 888801

Childline 08001111
NSPCC 0808 800 500

These are also some contacts for domestic abuse. Please remember if the person or persons are in danger they are allowed to leave their home a seek refuge.

Gemini services North Somerset 0800 6949 999 open 9-5
Out of hours women’s aid 0808 2000 247
Bristol and South Gloucs Next Link 0117 925 0680
Online women’s aid and refuge have advice.

Prayer Ideas
From Helen:

Some of the prayer ideas that are working well in Backwell and other contexts.

Firstly zoom cell or home groups. We’re doing this with our Andy’s group and it’s keeping us connected. Easy to set up with one acting as host and inviting others to join. Men at pub as you will know are doing this too.

Our village prayer watch which normally meets once a month now has a weekly prayer bulletin. We take it in turns to provide biblical encouragements and matters for prayer and we set aside a time slot of 15 minutes each Tuesday at 8pm or as near the time as works.

For personal prayer there is an app Lectio365, which is a fantastic source of spiritual nourishment and guidance for daily prayers.

Have also wondered about a prayer buddy system – see if folk would like to sign up to pray with someone either on the phone or FaceTime?

Community Contact
North Somerset Together is a new initiative to help the community in these times.

The phone number is hard to find online but it’s 01934 427437.

Thanks to Stu for the information.

General Job Vacancies

  • We desperately need more help with the laptop. Could you learn to do this?
  • Another Church Warden to shadow the current team and step in later this year
  • Children’s work co-ordinator and week-by-week helpers
  • A Home Group co-ordinator
  • Deanery Synod reps, Church Council reps, Church Council secretary from the Annual Meeting

Details of all these jobs available from wardens or clergy. Do have an informal chat.

Please do continue to email me with details of things you are finding helpful, resources you have discovered or questions you would like the church to address. It’s great to keep in touch.

With love as always