Resources for Sunday 17th May (Easter 6)

Welcome to Trendlewood Church and to the material for Sunday.

This week we continue a series on Colossians. Caroline will focus on the struggle to present disciples ‘perfect in Christ’.

Opening and welcome video

Follow this link to hear Steve introduce our service today.

Sung Worship lead by Derek

I am constantly amazed by the power of nature. Have a look at this image of a tree that grew up through and split an enormous rock in two. Not quite a mountain maybe, but you get the gist. For our all-age song we sing Faith as small as a mustard seed.

Waiting is something we’re getting used to doing. Waiting for the time we can get to see our families again. Waiting for the signal to go back to work. Waiting for the time when we can meet together once more as a congregation of God’s people. Frustrating. But on a positive note as this song proclaims Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord.

I like the theme of this week’s sermon ‘Struggling to present people perfect in Christ’ (Got a bit of a job on then, Steve?). However as this song reminds us Jesus has already done all the hard work if we will only let go and let God. Here I am….

Maybe we should all commit to making Steve’s job (and Caroline’s and Michelle’s) a bit easier by using the words of this next song as a prayer of personal commitment Purify my heart….

Finally, as we think not just of our own situations, not just of everyone in our local community, but of all peoples in every country of the world facing the uncertainties of this pandemic, let us remember and proclaim the truth of this song Jesus, hope of the nations.

Reading and sermon

Our reading is Colossians 1:24-2:5. Please read it before listening to Caroline speak.


We are led in prayer by Liz. Please follow the prayers in written form this week:

Like Paul in Colossians we are God’s servants.

Today we pray for this place where we live and serve

Thank you our heavenly Father

You have placed us here at this time.

Where we live is no accident and this town and neighbourhood are where you want us to serve you.

Through your Son and by your Holy Spirit may we stand up for the weak, show respect for all,

assist those who are not capable and those that may otherwise go hungry or unnoticed.

May we offer a safe haven of friendship and action.

May we share the hope you have given us, with this community.


Our Father God

We continue to pray for the people on the front-line of caring for our town

We think of doctors and nurses and management in local hospitals;

GPs, nursing staff and those managing and staffing our town’s surgeries.

Those in social care dealing with worried people face to face or on the phone.

Ambulance drivers, police, paramedics and those who carry our town services.

And we especially pray at the moment for the brave staff and carers working in Care Homes.

We pray for safety for them all and the safety for their families

We pray for stamina to cope with long emotional shifts and ever changing situations

We pray for good supplies of effective PPE

We pray for caring and supportive leadership

In their work, Lord may you give these people glimpses of your kingdom and your love for all.

May we support and walk with these people from our community through our faithful prayer and in our actions.


Dear Lord,

We see you working to strengthen the neighbourhood bonds as the many volunteers step up to help the vulnerable.

We give you thanks for the skill of the people who formed Nailsea COVID 19 group and the NHS volunteers. We thank you for the food given to the bank, money donated, the distribution of medicines and much more.

The town’s people and businesses have shown their care through their generosity, selflessness,creativity, and love.

Connections are being made and practical help is being offered to the isolated and lonely. We long that this heightened level of community would last beyond this pandemic.

To this end we pray for Nailsea’s Town Council and the COVID 19 group as they talk about how to make this community action and its new bonds a reality in the future.

Please give them your wisdom and insight, Lord.


Father God

We pray with our church communities in Nailsea.

We pray for those Christians helping the town at this time, give us your inspired words to speak into every situation we encounter

We praise you God, that out of your love, your son gave his life that we might live.

We thank you that it is this perfect love that drives out fear and gives us hope

Help us Lord to be a non-anxious, non-fearful presence in any situation.

Thank you that your assurance of eternal life in Christ is ours.

Give us the words in conversations to explain that truth and hope to our town in this difficult time.


Heavenly Father

We ask that you would bless and strengthen our church as we all embark on the Church of England’s ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ prayer event from this Thursday.

May we see the friends we pray for come to know you.

May you clearly speak to us about the way you want us to care for our community and show us more opportunities to pray and be involved in our town as witnesses to you.

May you teach us your great truths as we pray together as a church.

We may not be in the same room but will be praying in unity with one heart and one purpose.

We know that you will honour and answer our prayers

And we also pray that the people that we know and love who are ill, who are stressed and

struggling through this difficult time or who are bereaved would find your comfort.

May God be their present help at this time.


The Lords Prayer:

Our Father in heaven,

hallowed by your name,

your kingdom come,

you will be done,

on earth as in heaven.

Give us today your daily bread.

Forgive us our sins

as we forgive those who sin against us.

Lead us not into temptation

but deliver us from evil.

For the kingdom, the power,

and the glory are yours

now and forever.


The people of Nailsea are coming together to get through lockdown –


Children’s Ideas from Ruth

Children’s song to start with

Hope that everyone has had a good week.

Games to play

Enjoy playing the board games Ludo or Sorry, or a game such as Jenga or UNO

Think about if they are really sorry if they send someone back, make the tower fall or have to pick up extra cards. Then think about how they feel when the same happens to them.


Watch this clip. You can read it in Genesis 37:2–8, 23–28 and 31–33.

Talk about why Joseph’s brother hated him and what they did to him as a result of that hate.

Joseph’s brothers hated him because:

  • He told their Dad about them doing something bad (v.2)
  • He was their father’s favourite and was given a special cloak.
  • He told them dreams he had that showed he was going to be greater than they were.

They sold him into slavery and told his father that he was dead.

Ask how the brothers might have felt after doing that?

  • Do you think they felt guilty or just glad to be rid of him?
  • What do you think should happen to the brothers because of what they did?

After many years, there was a terrible famine in the land and Joseph’s family were starving. In the end, Joseph’s brothers had to go to Egypt to buy food. The man who was selling the food said that he thought the brothers were spies and would only give them food if one of the brothers stayed in Egypt as a prisoner.

Joseph’s brothers were upset. They thought that this was a punishment from God because of what they had done to Joseph. They left their brother Simeon behind and went home. Joseph’s

father was really upset because he had now lost two sons. The famine lasted another year and Joseph’s brothers had to go to Egypt again for more food. They were really worried and this time their youngest brother, Benjamin came with them.

This time, the man who had sold them the food told them that he was their brother, Joseph.

  • How do you think the brothers felt when they discovered that Joseph was still alive?
  • How do you think they felt when they realised how powerful Joseph was now?
  • What do you think they expected Joseph to do to them?

Now read Genesis 45:4-15:

  • What did Joseph do to his brothers?
  • Do you think the brother's deserved this treatment?
  • Why do you think Joseph treated his brothers like that?

Explain that Joseph knew God and had experienced God’s grace in his life. Because of that, he didn’t want revenge on his brothers – he wanted them to be his friends, he wanted to

forgive them and start again! Joseph could see God had a plan and, even when things went

wrong, God was still in control.

  • Can we think of people who we are upset with?
  • How should we respond to people who have upset us if we want to please God

There’s a summary song on this video.

Reflection time

After talking about the grace God has shown us, think about these three things in the week ahead.

1) Do I believe that God loves me?

2) God’s grace means that he came to forgive us and give us the gift of a life with him because he loves us. Do we think there are some things in our life that stop us letting God love us?

Remember God knows everything and loves us deeply.

3) Who might you be able to share the grace and love of God with? It is great that we can be loved so deeply by God, who would you like to share this with?

Give everyone some space to write or draw things they want to say sorry to God for. Then put them in the bin and exchange them for a ‘Loved & Forgiven’ card which you could print off from here.

You could pray with each other

Extra Material

If you have time on your hands this week you could watch Toy Story and think about the questions below. The questions relate to one part of the story but it might be fun to watch it all.

Clip start time: 0:24:49

Clip end time: 0:30:05

Length of clip: 5 mins

(Scenes 10 and 11 on the DVD scene count)

Show the clip: Woody has been Andy’s favourite toy but Andy has just been given Buzz Lightyear and he is the new favourite! Woody can’t come to terms with not being number one and he succeeds in getting Buzz knocked out of the window. Buzz follows Andy’s car to the petrol station and Buzz and Woody have a fight which results in both of them being left behind.

Discuss these questions:

  • Do you think Woody really means to push Buzz out of the window?
  • Why is Woody so upset with Buzz?
  • In this clip, what are the consequences of Woody refusing to accept Buzz?
  • What would have happened if Woody had been nicer to Buzz?
  • How else could Woody have dealt with the situation?
  • When we refuse to forgive or to accept things as they are, we can often make things worse.
  • Can you think of a time when things have spiralled out of control because you have been unwilling to forgive someone?
  • What is grace? (Grace is when you get something really good that you don’t deserve.)
  • Why do you think it is better to show grace to someone than to hold grudges?
  • How could you show grace to someone who has upset you?

Finally the Notices

Please watch this film about Thy Kingdom Come.

When we pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ and pray for our family, friends and neighbours to come to know Jesus Christ, we’re offering up our broken world for God to fix. And as we pray, we’re learning to trust a Father who has adopted us and embarking on an adoption adventure that can change the world.

Download the app which is now available to start praying for 5 on Ascension Day, this Thursday 21st May? Or get in contact with Fiona for a paper prayer journal.

Helen is happy to organise online prayer triplets for those wanting to pray with others more regularly during Thy Kingdom Come. Contact Helen directly.